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At Dugan's Travels, teamwork transcends traditional hierarchies and titles. Our collective approach is rooted in the belief that every team member brings unique insights and strengths to the table. By emphasizing collaboration and mutual respect, we've cultivated an environment where each individual feels valued and empowered. Our unity is evident in our seamless operations and the way we rally around shared objectives. We understand that success is a cumulative effort, and our ethos is clear: together, we achieve more. Every day, we harness the power of collective intelligence to solve challenges, innovate, and drive our mission forward.

Here are a few benefits of such a collaborative approach:

1.Shared Knowledge and Expertise:
When everyone works together, there's a pooling of skills and knowledge, which can lead to innovative solutions and a higher quality of work.
2.  Increased Efficiency:
Tasks are accomplished more quickly when multiple people combine their strengths, as they can tackle different aspects of a project simultaneously.
3.  Strengthened Community Bonds:
By prioritizing community and collaboration, team members likely feel a deeper connection to one another and the company's mission.
4.  Flexibility:
Without rigid hierarchies, the team can be more agile in decision-making and adapt to changes or challenges more swiftly.
5.  Motivation and Morale:
When individuals feel they are part of a supportive community, it can lead to increased job satisfaction, reduced turnover, and higher morale.
6.   Diverse Perspectives:
Collaborative environments often foster diverse viewpoints which can lead to more comprehensive problem-solving. 

Shari Speer

Specialty-Management, Suppliers, and Dugan's U

Melissa Land

Specialty - Marketing, Business skills and Social Media

Christina Woycitzky

Specialty - New Agents, Commissions, and Dugan's U

Lisa Johnson

Specialty - Social events and Dugan's U

Barbara Cerbie

Specialty - Email manager and Facebook management

Cindy Oberhill

Specialty- Contract renewals and team support

Teamwork should be FUN!

We have fun together!


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Dugan's Travels, founded by Jennifer Dugan in 1997, is a leading host agency dedicated to mentoring and supporting travel professionals from home.

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